5 Questions About Cremations You’ve Always Wanted To Ask A Funeral Director

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August 8, 2017

Cremations are fast becoming the most popular type of funeral we carry out.

Many people have questions about cremation they want to ask a funeral director but the opportunity never arises or the time never seems right.

While there are many questions you could ask there seems to be a handful we are asked more often. So here’s a run-down of five questions most people would like to ask about cremation but rarely get the chance.

Question 1 – Can I place jewellery such as a wedding ring on a body before cremation?

This is usually possible. That being said, it’s always preferable that all jewellery be removed from the body before the coffin is taken to the crematorium. You should remember, you cannot recover jewellery after the coffin has begun its final journey to the crematorium.

Question 2 – Is the coffin always cremated with the body? I’ve heard they are reused.

The reusing of coffins is a myth. The coffin is always cremated with the body. In fact, it’s a legal requirement that the coffin is placed into the cremator in exactly the same condition as it arrived at the crematorium.

Question 3 – Are more than one body cremated in the cremator at the same time?

Absolutely not, this is another myth because it is required that each cremation must be carried out separately. There can be exceptions to this but only when explicitly requested by the next of kin. These can be for various reasons such as a mother and baby cremated together or in the case of twin children cremated together.

 Question 4 – Can I be certain the ashes that I receive are really those of my loved one?

The cremator is only able to contain one coffin at a time and after the cremation is complete all remains are removed before the next cremation is allowed to take place. At all stages of the cremation process a special ID card stays with the coffin and cremated remains at all times until they are scattered or handed to the next of kin.

 Question 5 – After a cremation how much cremated remains will there be?

Usually, an adult will produce somewhere between 2kg–4kg of cremated remains, although there may be even more or less depending on the size of the person.

For infants, the amount of cremated remains will be significantly less and in some cases there might even be no remains at all to collect after the cremation process. This is due to the fact an infant’s skeleton is made up of much more soft cartilage rather than hard bone.

So there we have it, the answers to five questions you’ve probably always wanted to ask a funeral director about cremation but never did.

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